Creating and Publishing a Magazine App for Apple's NewsStand

This guide with walk you through the process of building and publishing a high qaulity Apple NewsStand magazine app.


    Part 1: Creating an Apple NewsStand Magazine App

  1. Selecting the MagazineStore app template.
  2. Editing your magazine's table of contents.
  3. Adding text areas, buttons, images, multimedia, Youtube videos, PDF page and maps to your magazine pages.
  4. Creating interactive PDF magazine pages.
  5. Review of PDFReader, PDFTron and PDF Editor page types.
  6. Adding content to your magazine app.

    Part 2: Adding a NewsStand Magazine App to iTunesConnect

    How to setup In App Purchases for your Apple Newsstand Magazine App

  8. Creating your app's Bundle ID in iTunes Connect
  9. Creating a product ID in iTunes Connect
  10. Updating your magazine app with your product ID
  11. Publishing your new magazine
  12. This is the second video in a series that will take you through setting up and publishing a Magazine app to Apple’s NewsStand.

    In this video we show how to setup In App Purchases for your Apple Newsstand App.

    The first page of the MagazineStore template works only with In App Purchases set on your iTunesConnect account. Even if your magazine is going to be available for free, you still need to setup In App Purchases for your app in order to get your product identifiers for your magazine.

    You can even mix free issues with paid issues in the same magazine app.  For example you could make your first issue available for free to build your audience and charge for subsequent issues.

    The buy button is configured according to the way you have set the In App Purchases for your app. If the In App Purchase is set to free then instead of the “Buy” button there will be an “Open” button.

    This page cannot be fully tested in the App Previewer because the In App Purchases can be tested only with published Apps or Ad-Hoc builds. In order to publish an App or request an Ad-Hoc build, you need to have an active subscription plan available here BzZApps Plans

    Before you can create an in-app purchase product, you need to create your app inside your iTunesConnect account. The first step in creating a new app is to register a new Bundle ID in your Apple iOS Developer account. When creating your new Bundle ID, you need to enable both In-App Purchases and Push Notifications. Push Notifications are used to inform subscribers each time a new issue of your magazine is published to your NewsStand magazine app.

    When creating your new app in iTunesConnect, on the availability and pricing page, for Price Tier, you should select Free. As you will offering the app as a free download but selling individual issues of your magazine inside your magazine app.

    Once you’ve added your new app to iTunesConnect you need to enable your app’s Newsstand Status and upload your default magazine cover art.

    Finally you need to create your In-App purchases for issues of your magazine and copy your Product IDs back to the BzZApps app builder to add them to the buy button settings in your new app magazine.

    The last step is to update your apps Newsstand Properties in the BzZApps app builder and enable it for Apple’s Newsstand. After that is done you can use the Build and Publish wizard to publish your app to the Apple App Store directly from your web browser.

    Please note: You can leave out "bzzapps" when creating your Bundle ID.

    For example: com.yourusername.appname

    You can also leave out bzzapps when creating your SKU Number.

    For example: yourusername.appname


    Part 3: Creating An Auto-Renewable Apple Newstand Magazine

    Using the AutoRenewableMagazine template and setting up an auto-renewable subscription in iTunes Connect.

  13. Choosing the AutoRenewableMagazine app template
  14. Understanding how the AutoRenewableMagazine template works
  15. Editing the AutoRenewableMagazine template
  16. Creating your app's Bundle ID in iTunes Connect
  17. Setting up your auto-renewing product in iTunes Connect
  18. Updating your magazine app with your product ID
  19. How to setup your magazine to automatically update when you publish new issues
  20. Publishing your new magazine
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    Part 3: Creating An Auto-Renewable Apple Newstand Magazine


    Part 4: Adding Magazine PDF Files to Cloud Resources

    Using the Cloud Resources to add PDF files to a Newstand Magazine App

    When publishing a monthly magzine, we can keep the app's size to a minimum by storing the magazine PDF files in the Cloud Resources. Even when publishing high quality glossy style magazines. As the PDF is only downloaded to the user's device the first time they access each issue of the magazine.

    Files stored in the Cloud Resources, can be up to 400MB each. Which is more than enough, for glossy style magazines that include lots of high resolution images.

  22. Upload the PDF file to Cloud Resources using the file manager. Please note, your app must be added to an active subscription before you can access the app's Cloud Resources.
  23. Next go to Page Settings -> Hosted Resources.
  24. Here you need to enable the page access for the file that is stored in the Cloud Resources.