Crowdfunding Your Mobile Apps

Why crowdfund your mobile apps?


    Part 1: Why Crowd Fund Your Mobile App Development?

  1. People are crowdfunding all kinds of projects, from amazing new inventions to the rediculous, such as a Potato Salad which had a funding goal of $10 and went on to raise $55,492!
  2. Can you crowdfund the development of a mobile app? Yes you can and in this short video, I explain some very important benefits to this approach.
  3. For our crowdfunded apps, we will be aiming for a modest 4 figure funding goal, with the objective of building significant long term passive income from in-app advertising.
  4. Why do most crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their funding goals while others are runaway successes? While luck plays an important role, there are in fact ways to engineer your luck and stack the odds in your favor.
  5. Must see crowdfunding webinar replay.
    High level crowdfunding strategies, prelaunch targeting, setting your campaign pricing, how to structure your rewards, how to leverage crowdfunding site traffic and much, much more... This webinar replay will only be only online for a very short time. Please watch it before it is taken down.
    Content Packed Crowdfunding Webinar Replay
  6. Live IDM Crowdfunding Webinar.
    Last chance to glean gems of info from someone who has been in the crowdfunding trenches learning the game and raising over $500K in the process.
    Register for LIVE IDM Webinar Tuesday Sept 29
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