White Label Mobile App Manager

Our White Label Mobile App Manager allows you to give your clients access any or all of these key business app functions, straight from your own website and under your brand. With the Mobile App Maanger, your clients can send their own Push Notifications, manage their Announcements page, update their Geofences, edit their in-app Calendar, update an manage their In-App Coupons and Loyalty Cards as well as their Product Order page. They can also access their app's statistics.


    Download the Mobile App Manager

  1. Click on zip image and save to the zip file to your computer.
  2. Please login to your account to download the Mobile App Manager.

    Unzip the Mobile App Manager files on your computer

  3. Right lick on AppManager.zip and select "Extract All..."
  4. In the window that opens, set the folder where you'd like the App Manager files extracted to then click "Extract".

    We will edit index.html using Notepad

  6. Right click on index.html and select "Open with" then select "Choose default program..."
  7. You may need to expand the list to see "Other programs".

    Select "Notepad".

    Unslect "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

    Click "OK".

    Customize index.html With Your Own Website Name, URLs and Links

  9. Brand index.html with your own Site Name
  10. Change the URL in the menu links to your own website page URLs, Facebook page URL and Twitter URL. You can also delete any menu items you don't want.

    Save your changes.


    Upload Your App Manager Files To A Directory On Your Website

  11. Use any FTP program such as FilezZilla to upload your App Manager files to a directory on your website.
  12. Opening the App Manager directory on your website with a browser should like this.


    Creating A Link To Your Mobile App Manager To Give To Your Client

  13. To access any of your apps using App Manager you need to create a special link that includes your BzZApps username and the AppID.



    You can include an Android app, iPhone app and iPad app in one link like this one.

    For example: http://bzzapp.com/appmanager/?un=icashtest&android=MobileStoreAndroid&iphone=MobileStore

    Finding Your App ID

  15. If you open your app's dashboard, click on the chain link icon on the top right. This will display a link to your app including the app's AppID
  16. If you've already created an access code for your app, then opening the to your App Manager and clicking on one of the buttons should look like this.

    Note: You need to log out from BzZApps or test the link in a different browser, to see the page the way your client will.


    Managing Your Restricted Access Pages Such As Push Notifications

  17. After you signin with your app's Access Code. You should see a page like this. Depending on how many page types you've enabled restricted access for, you page may look different.
  18. Your clients can send Push Notifications to their apps, through your website. They can also make use of the topics filter, if you've setup this feature in the app.


Enabling Limited Access For Your Clients To Test Their App

    Accessing Your App's Settings Page

  1. From your apps list in MY APPS, click on the appropriate "App settings" link.
  2. Or from your app's "Dashboard", click on "Application Settings".

  4. Click on "ACCESS CONTROL (PRIVACY) and enable "Allow restricted access".
  5. Set an "ACCESS CODE" for your client access their app(s). Give each client a unique access code.

    They will login to the app previewer using your BzZApps username and their access code as the password. They will only see the apps that match the access code."

Note: Never give your clients your BzZApps password as this would give access to your BzZApps account. Instead, use a special access code for each client that is unique to that client.