Previewer Apps

The BzZApps previewer apps allow you to instantly test your new app on your mobile device as you develope it.
Use the QR Code to find the appropriate app for your mobile device. You can also find them by searching for the "BzZApps App Previewer" in Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Amazon Appstore.


    Testing Your App In The BzZApps Previewer App

  1. After you have installed the BzZApps app previewer on your device, log in using your BzZApps username and password.
  2. You will then see a list of all your apps. Just touch on any app to open the app Preview page.

  4. On the Preview page, touch "Preview" to download your app to your mobile device.
  5. Your app will be downloaded to your mobile device. It may take a few minutes to download the first time preview your app.

    It will load instantaneously the next time you preview your app, if you haven't made any changes since the last time you previewed it.

  7. The first page of your app will open. This will normally be tab1.
  8. You will now be able to test all the functions of your app on your mobile device.

  10. If you make changes to your app in the BzZApps app builder, use the "Settings" button to resync you app in the app previewer. The settings button is visable on any of your app's tab pages
  11. On the settings page you can resync your app with any changes you've made in the BzZApps app builder. You can also clear the synced resources if you need to.


If you're building business apps for clients, you may prefer to use our Unbranded Previewer Apps to demonstrate the app.