Unbranded Previewer Apps

When you are building apps for business customers, unbranded previewer apps are useful for demonstrating the app to your client, while it's still in development.

Please login to your account to access the Unbranded Previewer Apps.


Enabling Limited Access For Your Clients To Test Their App

    Accessing Your App's Settings Page

  1. From your apps list in MY APPS, click on the appropriate "App settings" link.
  2. Or from your app's "Dashboard", click on "Application Settings".

  4. Click on "ACCESS CONTROL (PRIVACY) and enable "Allow restricted access".
  5. Set an "ACCESS CODE" for your client access their app(s). Give each client a unique access code.

    They will login to the app previewer using your BzZApps username and their access code as the password. They will only see the apps that match the access code."

Note: Never give your clients your BzZApps password as this would give access to your BzZApps account. Instead, use a special access code for each client that is unique to that client.